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Secure Canopy ® Cloud

Our marketplaces and niche initiatives are built on the security of Secure Canopy®.

The Problem

Let's face it network security and data security are not covered just by dropping cables, installing surveillance cameras, access control hardware, locks and gates.  Anyone with a little training can do that.

It takes unique servers and intelligent software to properly cover what your network backbone cannot.

The Solution, Secure Canopy®

Secure Canopy® builds specialized Valkyrie® servers for bigdata cloud needs, positions them into clustered hives monitored by intelligent Merauder® detection software to ensure the ultimate in digital asset and data security.

Zero Penetrations to Date

Reliable & Secure

Our systems are probed and attacked daily by individuals and yes foreign governments with malicious intent.

Key Features (Security through Obscurity)

- Our Valkyrie® data center is deep in the UWharrie Mountains of North Carolina (USA)
- Valkyrie® servers can handle huge loads and big data
- Each Valkyrie® server comes loaded with Merauder® detection software
- Automatic denial of Non-Democratic & some banned Democratic countries
- Automatic hacker probe detection and logging
- Automatic thwarting of hacker probes and attacks

We've Passed the Biggest Test

Over the past 13 years Secure Canopy® has performed flawlessly for the Avoli Platform against the harshest data loads, traffic loads and ability to thwart digital attacks.

Click HERE to see how Security Canopy® gives hackers a digital bitch slap.

We've Passed the Biggest Test

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