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Get this!  We are among the worlds largest product brokerage companies.  What does that mean?

We distribute a variety of products and services across numerous marketplace and niche initiatives.

Hey, and we're fast yo!  We're fun to shop with, mobile friendly and our magazine has all the latest world news, stocks etc.

Wait!  You want to earn cash?nbsp; We pay distributors a percentage of revenue on each product sold through personal Marketplaces.
Latest Initiatives

You can count on

Valkyrie® Servers

Our marketplaces and niche initiatives demand the speed and agility Valkyrie® servers deliver.

The Problem

Simply put speed equals money. Slow servers, irritate consumers which equals potential loss in sales. With consumers shopping more online the responsiveness of websites and payment gateways make it imperative to look for faster reliable secure servers.

The Solution, Valkyrie®

When speed is everything we count on Valkyrie®servers to host our marketplaces and niche initiatives. Valkyrie® servers are built and hosted by Secure Canopy® securely nestled in the Uwharrie Mountains (NC, USA).

Our cloud is on steroids


Valkyrie® servers meet the harshest demands.

Key Features

- Our Valkyrie® data center is deep in the UWharrie Mountains of North Carolina (USA)
- Valkyrie® servers can handle huge loads and big data
- Automatic denial of Non-Democratic & some banned Democratic countries
- Automatic hacker probe detection and logging
- Automatic thwarting of hacker probes and attacks

We've Passed the Biggest Test

Over the past 13 years we have tested the Avoli Platform under Secure Canopy® against the harshest data loads, traffic loads and ability to thwart digital attacks.

Click HERE to see how we give hackers a digital bitch slap.

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On a Valkyrie® Server

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