Ultra Moisture Body Wash 3 Bottles 23.6oz Each 70.8oz

by Procter And Gamble ( Soap And Bodywash )

Ultra Moisture Body Wash 3 Bottles 23.6oz Each 70.8oz

$14.99 ( In Stock )
Gentle, soap-free formula for extra dry skin that rinses clean. Keep more moisturizers on your skin and less down the drain!

While virtually all of Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash goes right down the drain, the water-activated lather in Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash gives you more moisturized skin. 1 jar of moisturizer inside every bottle All-day moisture for soft, healthy-looking skin Cleanses skin then rinses away cleanly Named a Skin Saver by Ladies Home Journal 3 Bottles of 23.6 oz. each 3 x 23.6 oz.

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