Windex Glass Cleaner 160oz

by Sc Johnson And Son ( Surface Cleaners )

Windex Glass Cleaner 160oz

$14.99 ( In Stock )
For a Beautiful Streak-Free Shine, Windex Original is Americas #1 glass cleanerfor good reason. Trusted by generations for its famous streak-free shine, Windex Original is perfect for cleaning glass and a whole lot more. Thanks to its key ingredient, Ammonia-D, Windex Original starts working on dirt even before you wipe. Clean Windows, Glass and More Includes comfort trigger, easy-grip bottle and angled tube, youre able to get more shine out of every bottle of the window-cleaning product. Works on

Windows, Glass, Sealed Marble, Sealed Granite, UV-protected windows, Mirrors, Glass shower doors, Bathroom fixtures, Lead or flint glass, Lucite, Tile, Plastic, Vinyl, Aluminum and more

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