Motts Organic Applesauce 36ct

by Motts Llp ( Single Serve )

Motts Organic Applesauce 36ct

$16.99 - In Stock
100% Yum. Motts Organic Applesauce is the perfect snack or meal companion. Full of Vitamin C and free of cholesterol and sodium, you and your family will enjoy the wholesome and natural goodness of Motts Organic Applesauce. Motts has been bringing families the highest quality apple products for more than 150 years. That tradition continues with the addition of Motts Organic Applesauce. Made with certified organic apples, Motts Organic Applesauce delivers an uncompromising taste. Fat and cholesterol free Sodium free Excellent source of Vitamin C 36 x 3.9 oz. Cups

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