Saran Premium Plastic Wrap 2 X 100 Sq Ft Rolls Heavy Duty

by Sc Johnson And Son ( Storage )

Saran Premium Plastic Wrap 2 X 100 Sq Ft Rolls Heavy Duty

$3.99 - In Stock
Looking for a more convenient way to prepare meals, or a surefire way of protecting the taste, texture, and quality of your food? Then Saran has your answer. Saran provides Simple Solutions for keeping your food fresh. Get freshness thats easy, Saran Heavy Duty Premium Plastic Wrap is your top choice in wraps. From your freezer to your microwave, everything from just-picked vegetables to last-nights leftovers have never tasted so fresh. Saran Premium Wrap is an extra tough yet easy to handle way to wrap in freshness. Ideal for meats and fruits, its heavy duty protection keeps your food at its very best. And it stretches to seal. The premium choice in wraps, Saran Premium Wrap is chlorine-free a commitment to using more environmentally-responsible ingredients in all Saran products. Thick wrap for easy handling Stretches to Seal 2 x 100 Sq. Ft rolls

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