Ziploc Container Variety Pack

by Sc Johnson And Son ( Storage )

Ziploc Container Variety Pack

$9.99 - In Stock
Save space in your fridge or cabinets!

The Ziploc brand Containers Variety Pack offers you a great assortment of sizes to take your lunch, snacks or treats. These containers will fit neatly inside your lunchbox or backpack, thanks to their space-saving design. Take them to school, work or anywhere else you like. Ziploc Containers with One Press Seal are designed to snap closed with one simple press on the lid, these containers also save space in your cabinets and fridge. Ziploc Twist N Loc Containers featuring leak-resistant seals are perfect for liquids. 2 Extra Small Square (4 oz.) 4 Small Square (1.5 Pt.) 4 Medium Square (1.25 Qt.) 2 Small Twist N Loc (1 Pt.)

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