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The New Breed of Recruiting

Grass Roots Movement


  • We guarantee the lowest reasonable rates! (We put it in writing)
  • Hire any candidate after 3 months with NO FEES! (We put it in writing)
  • Our rates allow you to keep more budget dollars helping ensure project completions
  • Our in-house developed AI matching algorithms weighs 'Candidate Job Objectives' and past 360° reviews not just keywords
  • Our in-house developed Recruiting Dashboard streamlines the candidate search and hiring process
  • Our in-house developed Enterprise Solutions department is ready to assist your needs
  • Our in-house developed Project Management system keeps track of even the most demanding projects

Job Seekers

  • We do not tack on excessive rates to your asking bill rate
  • Contracts typically last longer since Avoli bill rates are low
  • We are Embedded - We hear of positions before recruiting firms do
  • We are out to keep you gainfully employed
  • We are more concerned about your having income than our bottom dollar
  • We offer Training and Meetups to those wishing to add new skills
  • A stock offerings program is under review

Recruiters & Account Managers

  • We split profits with you. Stop worrying about Quotas!
  • Work remote
  • Feel part of the solution not the problem

So How's it Working Out for Us?

  • Many of our client corporate directives now dictate ALWAYS use AVOLI first.
  • Candidates feel part of a huge coalition
  • Recruiters are more attracted to our solution
Avoli is a game changer in recruiting.

As the Rock would say!

That's a big arm don't fight it.

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