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This stuff isn't for the faint of heart so leave the hard stuff to us.

Unique Styling

You'll have a beautiful and responsive style to fit your unique product line.


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Your fully featured shop will showcase your product images, details, options, pricing and shipping methods in an easy to read layout.


Secure check out with PayPal

Let your users buy products directly from your website by checking out using PayPal. Their financial information will not be used in any way by our plugin or stored in your website. Your customers can feel safe about buying with you.

How PayPal Works.


Already have a Web Site?

Chances are, you already have a web site. If so, let's talk about adding eCommerce to it or revamping what you have. When I'm done, you'll increase profit by allowing customers to checkout directly via Paypal!


Shop Cart

For each customer, our cart will remember the list of products added. Even if the browser is closeed, added products will remain there ready to purchase.

A feature your customers will love.


Custom Shipping Options

Are you looking for an alternative of PayPal Shipping Methods? Define your custom shipping options and it will be added to subtotal cost.


Shop Promo Codes

You can define your own promo codes for percentage or fixed amount discounts. They will be deducted from the value of products in the basket - information about the discount will be passed to PayPal.

A great feature if you have resellers, distributors or wholesale customers.


Shop Wishlist

Optional 'shopping list' (wishlist) option. Let customers create lists of their favourite products. Personal wishlist will be saved locally in cookies, waiting for the customer's return. All product from the wishlist can be easily added to the cart.

Great for holiday shopping.


Shop Cart Top Navigation

You have the option to place a 'small cart' which can be easily used in the top navigation of your site. Content added to cart is displayed on mouse over.

Shop friendly across your favorite device.

PayPal Options

All PayPal Built-in Options Included

Checkout button will redirect your customers to Store Page, where you can configure all PayPal built-in options, like shipping address, advanced shipping cost calculations, notifications and many more.

More information in PayPal documentation.


Shop Experience

Avoli has 37 years technology experience so you can trust us to deliver an easy to use eCommerce shop for you.

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